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Other Types Of Threaded Inserts

* Key locking Threaded Inserts – used working prototype where the already existing thread has slipped away

* Knife thread and hex drive – for making holes in wood and wood materials

* Press inserts -these are used in plastics after they are molded into a particular shape.

* Self- tapping inserts – this type creates its own threads when placed on the material

M2M – The Era Of Machine Communications

Before the development and introduction of the M2M technology, it was completely human efforts and labor that had to work with the machines for transferring and processing data. Every machine had to be controlled by an operator and it was only through him the job was complete with the information he gives collected from the machine. But after M2M concept was developed, the manual efforts have come down to a great extent and the machines are now able to talk to each other without an intermediary. This m2m iot platform providers in way has brought down the number of working force but with technological developments at its peak, requires technically sound people with advanced knowledge and skills hence substituting for the loss of jobs.